This site contains
publicly confirmed fundamental information
stated through my sites back in the COVID pandemic
(and there are many witnesses to this in the world), by doctor on
the specific one (witnesses from the whole district)
and reverified by at least the 2nd load
(cold/all COVID seasons I went through the winter in a shirt
with a warm T-shirt + above average physical jobs/there is
a photo + a small child + major repairs + constant insults)
of several flu epidemics and all years of COVID
(without masks, isolation, restrictions and vaccinations)
as well as problems associated with them
If you are interested in True/real happiness and health, then believe me,
you will have something to seriously think about, what to compare
with that and what by find out to get them.
ENGLISH (translation)
RUSSIAN (original)

Explanations and/or suggestions in ~html and ~pdf formats.
I note that the ~html format allows you to do online translation
(of course, approximate) into any language you need.